Tybalds Regeneration programme - Archive

Closes 31 Dec 2025

Opened 8 Jan 2023


Work with residents and local people to design the Tybalds regeneration programme began in December 2018. There have been many newsletters and draft designs published over the last few years. The time has come to tidy up the Tybalds Regeneration Information page to make it easier to navigate. 

So - This is the Tybalds Regeneration Archive page. On this page - in the 'Related' section below - you will find downloads available of key historical project documents which we have transferred from the Information page.

You can visit the Tybalds Regeneration Information page here.

Please email any queries or comments to tybaldsdevelopment@camden.gov.uk  


  • Holborn and Covent Garden


  • Community and voluntary groups
  • Council tenants
  • Local groups and organisations
  • Residents
  • Ward Councillors


  • Community and living
  • Housing